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      Coming soon our multi-functional facility. The PhotoPosse StudioCafe Facility concept is a reflection of our collective mission which is to Motivate, support, inspire novice to professional, and to give them a platform to enhance their creative journey. 
 "Paint’n with light."
      This Project inspired by the Staff of Photo Posse Studio to support PHOTOGRAPHERS, help to enhance their craft and develop even more successful businesses. The facility among other activities will also house the Headquarter office for National Association of Black Photographer(NABP)

       Now that the concept and plans have been researched and created, the PhotoPosse 2017/2018 building project is moving into the fundraising and ​development stages. We are presently seeking those visionaries who want to contribute to the manifestation of this concept that will enrich the community and all those involved. Call  267-2337114 for more information 
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